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Consult & Implement digital solutions that lead to improved automation and vastly reduce your operating costs.

Emerging Technologies

Identify and define how AI, IoT, BigData and related Technologies could serve your business needs.

Values You can Trust

Innovation, Teamwork, Transparency, Stewardship, Honesty.


Your partner in  Digitalisation

Selim has +10 years of professional experience all-things-digital within Corporate, Startups and Academia.

The Value of Digitalization in an Evolving Society.

Services we deliver

Digital Consulting
Benefit from state-of-the-art strategy and guidance on automation and technology while reducing complex logistics. Improve your spending decisions to make sure you are investing on what matters. Find out how a living digital strategy document can guide your organization to effectively utilize current technologies.

– Requirements analysis
– Process mapping
– Software vendor evaluation
– Enterprise Mobility Management: MDM, MAM
– 3rd party implementation quality control “Commissioning”
– Security foundation analysis

Software Development
From requirement analysis till implementation and deployment into production, we work to ensure you meet your specific goals and objectives. We have expertise in many digital arenas and can successfully supervise the outsourcing of the following:

Mobile App Development:
Android, iOS, Cross-platform
Web App Development:
Backend/Frontend Programming
eShop website
Content Management System (CMS)
Continuous Integration and Delivery CI-CD
Linux System Administration
Server Hardening

Vendor Evaluation and Management
Select the software vendor that’s right for you. We help you find the best partner by carrying out an in-depth technical and functional evaluation.
Training and Coaching
Support your next IT leader through entrepreneurship, agile business and digital transformation best practice.

Ideation and Ventures
We can help you analyze your idea from a business and tech perspective and collaborate to help it reach the market.

Research & Development
I engage myself in a continuous learning improvement cycle by attending and speaking in Tech conferences and exhibitions. Thus, we can investigate your thought and provide you with SWOT analysis according to latest practices in Tech.
– Emerging Technologies R&D (AI, IoT, Blockchain)
– Concepts, Prototyping and PoC
– Collaboration with Universities and Academic
– Research Institutes
Remote Work
Get the tools your business needs to set up remote work configurations such as VPN for a local network, increasing productivity through remote working, implementing innovative solutions to support new remote business models.


Define the Problem & Find a Solution  Understand the requirements from the functional perspective in face-to-face way and put ourselves in the shoes of our customer.

Proof of Concept & Architecture  Design/prototype and architect the project up to the cutting edge standards here in Germany in an Agile way till we get the initial agreement that it meets customer needs.

Implementation Space  Based on the project size and requirements, we implement it with my team here or outsource the implementation to a nearshore experienced specialised teams in a close collaboration, peer review and tracking milestones.

Terms and conditions  Strive honestly and transparently to have proper estimation to meet deadlines. Based on our contract, after-sale/delivery support can be provided.

Selected Customers


Selim Salman
Düsseldorf, DE
Tel: +49 21116370419
Email: hi @

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