Navigating the Digital Landscape Together

Hello! I'm Salman, a solo entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the tech industry, here to guide you through your digital transformation journey. Rooted in my beliefs in democratizing digitalization, automating where possible, and pursuing sustainable business value, I bring a unique perspective to the digital landscape.

My mission: Demystify AI. Through tailored, interactive workshops, I empower your team to use AI effectively and ethically, fostering an understanding that extends beyond mere implementation.

My expertise spans innovative business process consulting, robust software solution engineering, and strategic product management. My services are designed to offer high-quality, affordable solutions, enhancing your operations in the digital age.

Choosing SalmanConsulting means teaming up with a strategic ally committed to guiding your business through its digital evolution. Leveraging the power of AI, together we can create tech for good and reach new heights.

Let's Shape the Future, Together!

Join me on this journey, and let's harness the transformative power of AI to enhance your business processes and create positive social impact.